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Welcome Ramakrishna Mission, Goa !

The secret of religion lies not in theories but in practice. To be good and do good – that is the whole of religion. – Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda(Swamiji) spent six years in Bharat Darshan to know the ancient traditional greatness and the then status of the motherland. He travelled mainly on foot with occasional train journey. During this journey, Swamiji came to Margao, Goa on 27th October 1892 after spending 13 days in Belgaum. Sri Subrai Naik, an erudite scholar and a devout person at Margao welcomed Swamiji and made arrangements for his stay in a part of his house. Sri Subrai Naik had conversations in Sanskrit with Swamiji and deeply admired his scholarship and broad views.

Swamiji visited famous temples of Goa such as Shanta Durga and Ramnathi at Kavala, Mhalasa at Mardol, Manguesh at Mangueshi. He sang devotional songs and classical music at some of the temples. The people present were astonoshed to see the ocean of devotion in this Vedantic Sanyasin while he sang deeply merged in himself. At Vengurla Library, he gave a speech on Sanchit, Prarabda and Kriyamana Karma.

With the help of J.P. Alvares, a learned chrisatian known to Sri Subrai Naik, Swamiji visited Rachol Seminary and studied for three days christian theology from old latin texts to enhance his knowledge about christianity. It was a marvel to see His gigantic intellect and original views about Christianity.

Goa being a place blessed by the holy touch of swami vivekananda, the headquarters of ramakrishna math & mission decided to start a branch centre in the state of goa for the first time in 2015. Hence two centres are under formation in goa as on 01-07-2016 viz.

(1) town centre on gifted plot in ponda town and
(2)riverside centre on land to be gifted by ramakrishna vivekananda seva samiti in parsol near tisca, usgao. They are to be established gradually with suitable constructions